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IBEDA Gas Safety Devices
(Flashback Arrestors with flame arrestor)

Flashback Arrestors EN ISO 5175-1

IBEDA develops and manufactures a wide range of safety devices (flashback arrestors with flame arrestors). The requirements on the safety devices are described in the EN ISO 5175-1 standard (EN ISO 730-1 before). All IBEDA flashback arrestors undergo a leak test and a production flashback test after manufacture. IBEDA safety devices are independently certified by leading institutes, such as the German BAM and the American UL. Through the flame arrestor (flame barrier) and the gas non-return valve (check valve), these safety devices (flashback arrestors) with multiple safety functions provide optimal protection against flashback and gas return. The flame arrestor protects the gas non-return valve, ensuring that the gas flow is stopped in the event of a flashback. The safety devices are suitable for most technical gases such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane and Butane as well as Oxygen and compressed air.

In addition to the integrated flame arrestor, safety devices (flashback arrestors) with multiple safety functions include at least one further safety feature.

Excerpt referring to the most popular IBEDA safety devices:

Multifunctional Safety Device IBEDA Flashback arrestors
Safety elements Flashback Arrestors SRT, DGN, DG91N, DEMAX GRS91, SIMAX RS DS1000, DS2000
Non-return valve
Flame arrestor
Temperature-sensitive cut-off valve
Pressure-sensitive cut-off valve

IBEDA safety devices help prevent:

  • Further gas flow in the case of pressure shocks
  • The entry of air or oxygen into the distribution line or single cylinders
  • Flashback which is the rapid propagation of flame down the hose
  • Further gas flow in the case of burnback

1Pressure-sensitive gas cut-off valve (PV)

  • The pressure-sensitive cut-off valve stops the gas flow in the event of pressure shocks.
  • The safety device can be manually reset to continue working.
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2Gas non-return valve (NV)

  • The gas non-return valve prevents dangerous gas mixtures.
  • The gas non-return valve ensures the gas only flowing in the intended flow direction.

3Flame arrestor (FA)

  • The flame arrestor cools the flame down to below the ignition temparature.
  • The flame arrestors prevents flashback.

4Thermal cut-off valve (TV)

  • The thermal cut-off valve prevents excessive temperatures
  • The thermal cut-off valve closes automatically at a certain temperature and cuts off the gas flow.